What's the difference to others?

Standard programs just check if you've got the answer to a question. Most programs do not calculate when it would be the best time to repeat the material, nor do they make sure that there is a time interval to the next repetition.

What is it?

For memorizing things perfectly, learntick.com calculates the optimal interval for the repetition of vocabulary, so you will not repeat things too often. The program also tries to make sure that you will not forget the learned material.

Why use it?

learntick.com provides a really cool interface which makes it possible for you to create multiple choice tests and other kinds of tests. With the calculation of repetition intervals, make your dream come true of learning things you never were able to learn at school or during studies.

Impressum/ Disclaimer

On what platforms?

In the web browser and on Android

What's the difference?

In the web you can also edit and test vocabulary, on the mobile device only look at existing vocabulary

Where can it be found?

Visit this website with a desktop browser for the desktop version, otherwise open this link: